Why Did This Happen?

How did this lockdown catastrophe occur? Why has it lasted so long? We have suffered too much over the past few years to ignore what caused all this. We need to recognize those who are responsible for this war on the people and hold them accountable for their actions.

The simple answer is power and money. Decision-makers in government, the Democrats and Republicans, created a fake crisis to obtain power over our lives. Several parasitic non-governmental institutions also worked in tandem with the government to increase their own money and power.

The primary culprit in this catastrophe is the government, from the municipal to the federal level. Democrats and Republicans used this fake crisis to gain control over society, much like the Communist Party in China. Politicians destroyed their primary opposition: small businesses, independent operators and private communities. They dictated who is to live and who is to die. In destroying society’s private sector, they in turn made people dependent on the government. They cut us off from our family, friends, communities and faith to render us helpless. They felt the thrill of being the constant center of attention, in control.

Other institutions worked with and through the government to increase their own power and wealth at the expense of the people. First among these accomplices is the mainstream, legacy media. Fear sells newspapers, compels public attention, generates clicks on websites and attracts advertisers. Mainstream media’s motivation was and is to hype the hysteria, not to serve as a check and balance to the excesses of government as envisioned in the Constitution. On the other hand, the alternative media, despite its suppression by Big Tech, has done an admirable job in challenging government overreach.

Big business also benefited from the lockdowns. The lockdowns eliminated their local competition, the small business owners of our communities. The government gladly carved out exceptions to the lockdowns for big businesses (their campaign contributors) while crushing small business owners. Amazon’s profits soared during the lockdowns. Big business and big tech were also motivated to promote constant fear.

Big medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, also major contributors to political campaigns, benefited greatly from the lockdowns, as did the governmental agencies the NIH, CDC and FDA. All of these institutions were and are motivated to promote hysteria in order to increase their income, power and prestige. Instead of being a source of scientific objectivity, they were cheerleaders for the fake fear.

The government and its enabling institutions oppressed us with blatant hypocrisy. While we were locked in out homes, unable to support ourselves, politicians and celebrities were traveling the country. While we were forced to wear masks, they went freely without such encumbrances. These power-brokers suppressed and vilified righteous protests against their lockdowns yet encouraged Black Lives Matter riots. Lockdowns, COVID testing and vax mandates are required for citizens, but not for illegal aliens.

Yet there is another aspect to this catastrophe. We the people want to believe that the government, the authorities, unselfishly have our best interests at heart. We want to believe that the government and the mainstream media tell the truth. In reality, the government, mainstream media, big business and big medicine have taken advantage of our trust, exploiting us to increase their power and wealth. This cannot continue. We have to recognize how these institutions have betrayed us and hold them accountable.

The only long-term solution to the above problem of destructive motivations is a Libertarian government. Libertarians seek to minimize the power of government over our lives. No true libertarian would enforce lockdowns, require masks or force people to undergo unapproved genetic manipulation. Libertarians trust people to make the best decisions for their own lives.

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