Why I Am a Candidate

I am running as a Libertarian for Cook County Clerk because I want you, your family, your friends and your community to live in liberty, prosperity and health.

If elected County Clerk of Cook County, I will administer the office efficiently and fairly, observing state and local law (not unconstitutional mandates). I will also make certain that state and local election laws are not weaponized against alternative parties and independent candidates.

But more importantly, I will do everything in my power legally to end the Democratic/Republican COVID war on the people of Cook County and to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

For the past two to three years, these two parties have destroyed small businesses, eviscerated schools, stolen two years from our children, vacated houses of worship, bankrupted hard-working citizens, co-opted the health system as a tool for medical tyranny, outlawed freedom of assembly and speech, and effectively declared martial law.

If all this were imposed by a foreign power, it would clearly be an act of war. It is a war, a war of power-drunk politicians and bureaucrats against the people of Cook County. I have always opposed and will continue to oppose all lockdowns, all mask mandates, all vax mandates.

It is possible that, at the time you are reading this, these lockdowns and mandates are being enforced less rigorously. This is no reason for us to excuse the crimes that these politicians have committed (and may yet again commit) against us. These Democratic and Republican politicians know that the people of Cook County are tired of being abused. They want us to forget what they have done. They do not want to be held responsible for the destruction that they wrought.

They waged war on the people of Cook County in their lust for power. They used fear to manipulate us and will again use fear to maintain their control. Even now, they foment fear regarding a Russian war and climate change as they sense the public tiring of COVID hysteria.

The office of County Clerk is primarily administrative, not executive. However, County Clerk is still an elected office and the holder of that office has a right and a duty to speak out about public affairs. As County Clerk, I will speak out and oppose these power-mad politicians who try to control our lives.

I ask for your support in the June primary and in the November general election. Together, we can end this war on the people of Cook County.