Why I Am a Candidate

I want you, your family, friends and the people of Illinois to prosper in good health, in freedom, and in control of your own lives.

To do so, I must talk about things that the political elite wants to hide from you. There is no way to sugar-coat the truth, to make it a comforting, meaningless platitude. Unlike other candidates, I trust your ability to make an informed decision.

Illinois is being destroyed under the regime of Jay Robert Pritzker and Anthony Fauci. We must act now to preserve our way of life. I want to make Illinois a great place to live, and I need your help.

The Pritzker/Fauci regime is waging a War on Illinois. Small and medium sized businesses, especially family businesses, have been destroyed. Other civil institutions such as houses of worship, nonprofits and community organizations have been wiped out. The people of Illinois are not allowed to assemble, to provide each other support or to discuss in person what the Pritzker/Fauci regime is doing to them. People are cut off from human contact, their lives spent staring at a screen, living in fear. The people of Illinois are forced to wear masks/muzzles to demonstrate their servitude. If all this were imposed by a foreign power, it would be regarded as an act of war and hostile military occupation.

I want to make Illinois a state where businesses, families, community organizations and individuals can thrive. That is why I am running for state representative of the 19th district.