The War on Illinois

COVID-19, as a pandemic, is a hoax. This virus is no worse than the seasonal flu.

The lockdown, the War on Illinois, is not being imposed to preserve public health. Rather, it a means by which those who seek tyrannical power use the mechanisms of government to control your life.

Those seeking this power do not care how much suffering and fear they cause. In fact, they use this suffering and fear to further their agenda.

To better understand this War on Illinois, we need to consider those who are benefitting from this war: entrenched politicians, government bureaucrats, medical gurus, giant corporations, big tech and corporate media.

As the state representative from the 19th district, I will oppose those wielding this power and I will work to reopen Illinois. I will not let such tyranny occur again.

These are strong words. They contradict the deceitful narrative being imposed on us by big government and corporate media. Permit me the opportunity to present my case.