Who Benefits from the War on Illinois?

Many benefit from the War on Illinois. They gain power and money from your fear and suffering. They will not stop until we the people confront them. We need to understand what motivates them.

Politicians: Politicians like Pritzker want power over you. They want to control every aspect of your life. Pritzker, using fake science, has become a tyrant. Politicians like Pritzker use fear and hysteria to increase their power. In doing so, they are also able to avoid addressing the real issues facing Illinois. They destroy your livelihood to force you to depend on the government.

Government bureaucrats: Unelected government bureaucrats also want power. A bureaucrat’s very job is to regulate and obstruct. They have no incentive to encourage small business – they continue to receive a paycheck even as they shut down Illinois.

Medical gurus: Medical gurus like Fauci are also doing quite well in the War on Illinois. They are fawned upon by corporate media. They get to advocate so-called cures that will make them and their patrons quite wealthy. Their budgets grow, and they are treated like rock stars.

Corporate media: Fear sells, be it newspapers, television programs, or clicks on web pages. The more fear, the better. This environment of fear and hysteria is ideal for them. People stare at computer screens all day, fearing for their lives. Their agenda is to grab your attention, not to inform you.

Giant corporations: Mega-corporations like Amazon, Google and Walmart are doing quite well in the War on Illinois. Their friends in government have wiped out their small business competitors. People are forced to go online to fulfill their basic needs, rather than patronize their fellow citizens’ businesses.

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As state representative of the 19th district, I will oppose those who want to control and exploit you through fear and hysteria.