Protecting Life and Property

The primary function of any government is to protect the life and property of its citizens. Any government that fails in this function is a failed government.

Metropolitan and county police forces must be funded and supported. Local police forces are needed now, more than ever, to protect life and property. Our cities are not experiencing peaceful protesters, but rather looters, rioters, and those who wish to destroy our way of life.

The Pritzker/Fauci political elite wants an atmosphere of lawlessness to pursue their own purposes. It increases the fear by which they pursue their objectives. They use the mob to silence those would oppose their seizure of power.

The people have the right to defend themselves. This right is explicitly stated in the 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights. The political elite of Illinois has been derelict in protecting the lives and property of its law-abiding citizens.

A major cause of resentment against police forces is their prosecution of victimless crimes. The prime example of this is the failed, immoral war on drugs. This resentment is now made worse by the prosecution of those who peaceably assemble.

An equally troubling abuse of police power by the political elite is its double-standard regarding peaceable and criminal assembly. Those furthering political causes favored by the elite can assemble and harass the public at will, while those opposing the War on Illinois are suppressed and remain under house arrest. We the people recognize this double-standard for what it really is.

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I support metropolitan police forces in their efforts to protect life and property. I support the right of people to protect themselves. I oppose the prosecution of all victimless crimes, including the war on drugs. I support the right all to peaceably assemble, including those protesting the Pritzker/Fauci War on Illinois.