We need to discuss facts that big government and corporate media are hiding from you.

COVID-19 Is No Worse Than a Seasonal Flu

Corporate media and big government, on a daily basis, lie to us about cases and deaths, in order to cause fear and hysteria. How do they do this?

Fake Case Counts

Number of cases: The case numbers are inflated with false positives (people said to be exposed to the virus, yet have not).

Ever-rising number of cases: To be blunt, so what? Most of those exposed do not have symptoms, or only have mild symptoms. Do we get hysterical, or declare martial law, when there is a rising number of common colds during winter?

People who test positive are constantly retested, so that they can be counted multiple times, rather than as one single case.

A person who tests positive today may have been exposed to the virus six months ago. Their immune systems have destroyed the germ. Why should they be considered a threat now?

Exposure to other corona viruses triggers a false positive test result. Corona viruses are similar to the common cold. We are exposed to corona viruses throughout our life.

Fake Mortality Numbers

How do big government and corporate media inflate the mortality rate?

People who have never been exposed to the virus are labelled as COVID-19 deaths.

People who die for other reasons, such gunshot wounds, but have been exposed to the virus, are labelled as COVID-19 deaths.

Hospitals have incentives to lie about cause of death. They are paid extra for every death labelled as COVID-19.

The doomsday mortality models of medical gurus are clearly wrong. Why is McCormick Place not packed with dying COVID-19 patients? Where is the shortage of ventilators? Why are the homeless not dropping like flies in the street? What ever happened to “flattening the curve”?

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Mask/muzzles are a ritual symbol of our humiliation. The Pritzker/Fauci regime enforces the use of masks/muzzles to dehumanize us, to cut us off from human contact, to demonstrate that they have complete control over our lives. Masks/muzzles have become the mark of the beast, by which no one may buy or sell without the mark.

Masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of viruses.

Masks are actively harmful to health. They deprive the brain of oxygen and force the build-up of toxins in the body.

Those without symptoms do not transmit the virus.

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An individual may wear a mask of it is of his or her own free will. However, the mandatory wearing of masks must be opposed by all those who cherish freedom and value their health.